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Psychotherapy is now in its second century. With its
maturation come refinements in older modalities, such
hypnotherapy, and the development of newer ones
Virtual Reality Therapy. Both of these modalities
may contribute to an expanded repertoire that helps clients
more effectively – and more quickly – experience
improvement and relief. Reliable clinical research bears
this out.

Dr. Joseph Hirsch, an eclectic psychotherapist and
psychodiagnostician who works collaboratively with
other health professionals, has been helping clients for
over twenty-five years. He often incorporates
hypnotherapy and/or Virtual Reality Therapy as part of
an integrated treatment strategy for a wide range of
problems. These include fear of flying and other
phobias, performance or generalized anxiety, fear of
medical procedures, depressed mood, poor self-image,
severe headaches and other pain disorders, and
cigarette smoking.