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My Approach to Treatment

I consider it a privilege to treat those who seek my help. I am an empathic
listener who is also actively engaged in the therapeutic process. My goal is to
promote wellness – not just relieve symptoms – because I believe that everyone
has potential assets in addition to the problems they come in with.

The treatment is a collaborative effort between client and psychologist and is
tailored to both the client’s needs and comfort. When possible and if the client is
amenable I like to perform a brief psychological evaluation to determine the best
course of treatment.

I am an eclectic psychotherapist. I try to tailor the therapy to what I believe will
be most effective, respectful, and ultimately empowering for the individual client.
Approaches I utilize include psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral,
family systems, relaxation therapy, hypnotherapy, and Virtual Reality Therapy.

Informing my training is my background in neuropsychology, psychological
assessment, psychoeducational assessment, psychopharmacology, and

Some Reasons People Have Come to See Me


Bipolar disorder or other mood disorders


Fear of flying

Fear of public speaking or social phobias

Fear of medical procedures

Low self-esteem

Stress or PTSD


Difficulties at work or school

Problems with relationships

Problems with identity

Pain - acute and chronic  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or other somatic difficulties

Career indecision

Weight control

Cigarette smoking and other habits