“Each week Dr Hirsch would have me sit in the arm chair, put on the glasses and
headphones and then simulate various aspects of going through the airport,
getting on the plane, taking off, flying and landing. He was very supportive and
took me slowly through each phase until I was comfortable. He always made me
feel safe and comfortable and we would discuss each aspect of the session.”




Something old. Something new. Today, a rich array of evidence-based short
and longer-term psychological therapies is available to help clients improve their
lives and achieve wellness - a dynamic healthy balance between mind and body.

Brief courses of treatment using Virtual Reality Therapy and/or hypnotherapy
often result in dramatic improvement for many clients. Virtual Reality Therapy is
especially effective in treating phobias such as fear of flying, public speaking and
other social anxieties. Hypnotherapy can be of enormous help to people living
with acute or chronic physical pain - and the benefits are sustained because
clients are taught self- hypnosis. Other conditions that require longer-term
psychotherapy may incorporate hypnotherapy and/or Virtual Reality Therapy
when appropriate as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  

All treatment plans are developed and adapted based on both Dr. Hirsch’s
professional assessment and client preferences and feedback.

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